Why Be A Part Of Revolution


  • Accelerate Academic Learning

    Accelerate Academic Learning

    As porosity of a sponge increases ability to absorb, enhanced cognitive skills increase ability to grasp and apply academics.

  • Increased life skills

    Increased life skills

    Ranging from " How to Use ATM" to a " must know coffee recipe" – Skill Angels brings forth an exciting suite of games to enhance environmental awareness.

  • Personalized learning for YOU!

    Personalized learning for YOU!

    We @ Skill Angels™ understand every child is unique ! Supports personalized brain skill training with individual brain skill index reports.

  • SkillAngels.com is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

    Child Friendly n Safe

    Certified by KidSAFE , Skill Angels™ brings a safe environment for children to enjoy what they love most – play & learn what is required most – brain skills.

  • Thrilling Rewards

    Thrilling Rewards

    Collect a wide range of stars to earn halos and transform into a skill angel.

Academic Institutions

  • Impart Brain Skills

    Impart Brain Skills

    Impart the key blocks for strong brain foundation : Cognitive | Emotional | Life

  • Supplement Learning

    Supplement Learning

    Support children & Increase their ability to grasp & supplement academic learning

  • Personalized reports

    Personalized reports

    Assess overall school wide performance & Individual progression

  • Easy to Implement

    Easy to Implement

    Flexible Online & Offline implementation modes & recommended yearly calendar for brain skill training

  • Flexible pricing…

    Flexible pricing…

    Wide range of pricing packages to suit individual school requirements.


  • Nourish Right

    Nourish Right

    Provide the right soil for your children to grow and nourish into increasily aware | responsible & efficient individuals

  • Solid Foundation

    Solid Foundation

    Let us join in imparting the Right Foundation for children : Cognitive| Emotional|Life

  • Skills for Life

    Skills for Life

    Support building skills for life : no matter of line of profession the child pursues or age in life

  • Impact gaming

    Impact gaming

    Without taking away play – that children are designed for, tap the best years and hours with games that create a far reaching impact.

  • Personalized Reports

    Personalized Reports

    Track your child's performance through personalized reports & encourage focussed learning…..